Where are your ingredients sourced?

A common question we receive is what is the original source of the various ingredients that go into our supplements. It’s a good question, and one that exposes another important question.  As for the sources of various ingredients, it depends where the best ingredients come from!  

If the USA, then we buy ingredients originating from there.  If China or India is the premier source for an ingredient, we buy from China or India from highly reputable suppliers.  

In other words, we source our materials from all over the world based on who offers the best quality, potency and bioactivity, and if it does not meet NutraFocusMD's exacting standards, it never reaches you!

The deeper question is that of purity and cleanliness.  Our products are all manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facilities, using the highest quality standards. All products undergo testing to confirm ingredients and label claims, as well as heavy metal and microbial analyses (including but are not limited to: mercury, cadmium, lead, yeasts, molds, salmonella, E. coli, other coliforms and staphylococcus aureus).

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