The VIP Insider Team Survey - How Do I Participate?

I qualified for the VIP INSIDER TEAM survey.  Now what?

After ordering your supply of HALLMARK, we will email you with simple online survey and opportunity to not only share your results and success stories with us, but also to tell us what you most want our team of MDs and PhDs to bring to you next!   
We go to work every day thinking about how we can improve the lives of our customers (and ourselves!), to help us all achieve optimal health, even when we have some challenges like family history, environment, aging, lifestyle choices, and so on.  So even though we are currently working to bring you the best in optimal health products, we will always listen closely to you and your greatest health desires and needs, responding when enough of us agree on a common critical goal.    
This is our single-minded pursuit because if we can all work to maximize our health, we can maximize our potential, which benefits us, our families, our communities and our world. It's a win-win!  

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